Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Safely in Nairobi

Because of a breakdown in communication, no-one was at the airport to meet me so after an hour I took a taxi to where I was told I was staying, miles away. Due to a second breakdown in communication that turned out not to be the right place. It was an evangelical counseling center and had the same name (Kiswahili for 'hope') as the Catholic retreat center where I was meant to be. Fortunately the receptionist guessed the confusion and suggested the taxi driver take me to the second place. That was the right center, but of course because of the first communication breakdown they were not expecting me till tomorrow.

But all's well that ends well. They found a room for me and I could finally let the taxi driver go. He was wonderful - a Pentecostal pastor from with a wife and three young sons near Samburu who was working in Nairobi to pay the bills. The taxi belonged to a Presbyterian, so we had a laugh about his ecumenical activity.

The center called the FWCC Africa Section office and a different taxi came to pick me up and take me there, where I had my first meal in Kenya: Ugali with greens and delicious crispy chicken. I feel very well cared for by Friends here. (PS photo is of my neighbor's meal. I don't drink fizzy orange.)

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