Saturday, May 8, 2010

Campus Tour

Yesterday we were taken on a campus tour, where we checked out all the buildings we plan to use. We counted and photographed beds, chairs, toilets and showers. We estimated the capacity of each space. It’s a very well-equipped university; only ten years old, and built on the site of a high school on farmland donated by former President arap Moi, who is Chancellor of the university.

On our way from the guest house we drove past the driveway to former President Moi’s home, the homes of the senior university administrators and the 1,000 student boarding high school’s new buildings. Kabarak is a fairly small Christian university which is open to people of all faiths, with 1,500 students. It is similar to a small U.S. college, on a self-contained campus with most of the classrooms round a quadrangle. Lawns, bushes and flowers are kept neatly trimmed. The high school, the primary school and the university are known collectively as the “Kabarak campus.” Farming activity is visible all around.

There is clearly enough space for our conference – they are going to be hosting 3,500 very soon – the main practical challenge this week will be to decide exactly what activity to put where. There’s a Student Centre with bank, post office and supermarket, and a small swimming pool. The two-storey dormitories mostly sleep just two; some in twin-bedded rooms, some with bunk beds where the upper one is fairly easy to reach. Bathrooms are at the end of the downstairs corridor.

Today we will spend time looking at the program as a whole, the centrality of worship in the program, and some aspects of local arrangements before returning to campus facilities. Today’s picture shows members of the International Planning Committee touring the facilities and the kitchen where our meals will be prepared.

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